American Mothers in Nebraska Celebrate Mother of the Year Nominees 1

Members of the Nebraska Mothers Association met Saturday, January 20th for their annual “Meet and Greet luncheon”. The event was held at Traditions Inn in Columbus, Nebraska. The women from the Nebraska Mothers Association welcomed guests Judy Polson, Lovina Cazerhill and Ellen Dahlstet. Members were also excited to meet three of the Nebraska Mother of the Year nominees, Neena Nizar, Beth Norris and Sasha Shillcutt.
After a lovely meal including delicious desserts, Sheila Monke shared updates from the national association. Sheila also shared information on the Coalition on Human Trafficking that the state association works with and helps support. 2017 Nebraska Mother of the Year, Sue Clark shared what being the ‘Mother of the Year’ has been like for her and all about traveling to Washington, DC to attend the American Mothers National Convention. Around the table, there were many stories shared about all the wonderful moms/friends everyone met at convention. “My favorite part of the luncheon was when each Mother of the Year nominee shared with us about herself and her life. We were all blown away by how wonderful each of these women were!”
Wrapping up the luncheon,  each mother shared an important quote and how they had experienced it in their own lives.
There is power in gathering as American Mothers to celebrate our accomplishments and inspire us to serve more.
Thank you, Nebraska for your connection, unity, and strength.

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