2009 Cultural Arts Award Winners


Emily Thomas made her first musical debut at the age of 3 on the fireplace hearth in her home and has loved performing ever since. As the oldest of 7 children in a musical family, Emily had early opportunities to share her talents. At her mother's insistence (and often persuasion), Emily studied piano for 12 years where she became a skilled and sensitive accompanist. She had wonderful experiences as a member of the Utah Valley Children's Choir where she toured most of the continental U.S. as well as Canada, England, Scotland, and Mexico. In this same children's choir organization, Emily participated as a soloist in 7 professional recordings and then later became a teacher in all 5 of the choirs offered within this particular program.

These early years of music education and performance led to a Bachelor of Music Degree.  Emily has a great passion for teaching and especially loves the challenge and joys of teaching music to children. She and her husband David Thomas have been operating their own private vocal studio for the past 10 years and have recently merged with Hoffman Academy of Music. Within the academy, Emily‚Ä® spends most of her time as the main director for three children's choir classes which range in age from 3-12. She also manages to teach a handful of private vocal students and does vocal coaching on the side.

Her most favorite role is that of mother to four beautiful children. When she not immersed in motherhood and music, she can be seen in the early morning hours walking the trails of NW Portland, baking bread, organizing, vacuuming, reading and vacationing....but NOT CAMPING!!


Jessica Scott was born and raised in Oregon. She graduated from Oregon City High School and received her nursing degree from Clackamas Community College. Up until her second child was born, Jessica worked as a registered nurse.

At the age of ten, Jessica began violin lessons at Marylhurst University from Jeanette Wood, who would be her teacher for the next ten years. Three of Jessica's children are following in her footsteps and are taking violin lessons from Jeanette Wood at Marylhurst.

Jessica has played with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, the Marylhurst Symphony Orchestra and various string quartets. She and her ten year old daughter, Natalie, are working on Bach's Concerto for Two Violins.  Jessica resides in Oregon City, Oregon with her husband, Ryan, and their four children. She enjoys cross-stitching, traveling and doing anything fun with her kids.


Jayne Young started playing piano at a very young age on her family's old upright piano, which sat in the corner of their basement and had been given to them by a friend who was preparing to bring it to the dump. For years she played on this, complete with broken notes and chipped ivory keys. After 5 years her parents realized she was a serious musician, and a generous aunt bought her a new piano, which she played on until leaving for college. During her college years she majored in literature and writing, but always continued playing and accompanying fellow students. After her second child was born she was living in Rochester, New York, where her love of music resurfaced and she began studying at the Eastman School of Music.  Jayne now lives in New Hampshire where she is active with the Concord Community Music School and is working toward her masters in piano performance at the University of New Hampshire.