2010 5th Grade Essay Contest Winners

Kana Margaret Turley from Delaware was the 2010 winner of the American Mothers 5th Grade Essay Contest.  She attends Tall Oaks Classical School and Maria Donnelly is her teacher.  

Kana wrote:

"My mother is the lighthouse in the sea of my life.  Lovingly, she does two things that really touch me deep down.  Every day she works for my needs, and she teaches me.  My mother takes care of me daily.  When I fall ill, she makes sure the treatment required is presented to me.  She helps me grow in strength and wisdom.  My mother is my top teacher.  When I fall victim to bad ideas, she disciplines me out of love.  When I waver from the right path, she corrects me and sets me straight.  Often, she reminds me to follow the deeds that the Holy One requires of me.  Working for my needs and teaching me is how my mother directs my safe passage through life.  She is a bright light before my feet, and I love her.  

Kolby Paul Hannah from North Las Vegas, Nevada placed 2nd and Melanie Miranda from Charlestown, West Virginia was the 3rd place winner.  Congratulations to all the 5th graders who participated in this national contest!