A Thank You from a New Mom

Ernestine Allen, 2011 National Mother of the Year, along with former State mother, Virginia Williams, donated 10 handmade quilts to the Washington Hospital Center for the first 10 babies that were born on the 4th of July. The quilts were made by mothers in Pennsylvania. Here is a thank you email from one of the mothers that received a quilt.

 "I delivered a 7lb baby girl at Washington Hospital Center on July 4, 2011.  Although a little tardy, I am sending this email to thank the American Mothers for taking the time to make the beautiful handmade quilt for my babygirl.  It also gave me cheer to know that in today's world with all of the crazy there are people who care for you even if they do not know you.  My daughter will use this quilt again and again, and I will make sure I tell her how special she is to have received such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Again, thank you so much." - Lateefah