Tune in to the Oprah Show Today!

The National Mother of the Year ®, Dianne Callister, and California Young Mother of the Year, Sara Dawn Mayer were at the taping of the Oprah Winfrey show which will air today.  The entire audience was made up of people who had written in to producers nominating someone who made a difference by giving back to their communities.  Sara Dawn wrote in about Dianne Callister and her work with middle school students through Project Give.

Both were able to attend the show, hoping to be able to speak about the positive influence of mothers and the importance of families.  What ended up happening on the show was a stunning surprise...and will remain a surprise until it airs this Friday, 11/19/2010.....but they did find out about a few of Oprah's Favorite Things...!

You can't see it in this photo, but Dianne was wearing the American Mothers pin on her lapel.  The camera crew asked Dianne about it after and she had a 5 second blip to give a shout out for American Mothers!