American Mothers, Inc. Looks to 5th Graders Nationwide

For Immediate Release:

Would your 5th grader say their mother’s image evokes fun filled days at the beach? Or warm fires and being snuggled up reading a book together? What about community activism and helping others in need?

American Mothers, Inc., a nationwide organization dedicated to the spirit and multi-faceted job of motherhood, has kicked off their Annual 5th Grade Essay Contest campaign.

Each year, American Mothers, Inc. sponsors the contest for fifth grade students, or the equivalent, in the public, private and home school sectors. The essay’s theme "What My Mother Means to Me" encourages students to submit creative, original, and thoughtful writings dedicated to the unique relationship between mother and child. Essays may be completed as teacher assigned pieces of work, home school assignments or as an extra-curricular activity.

The contest runs through to February 20th and American Mothers, Inc. will select winners on a state level. One national winner will be chosen from the first place winners of each state. Winners will be announced at the end of March to allow States enough time to recognize their award recipients in time for Mother's Day.

Last year’s winners were: 1st place- Kana Margaret Turley from Delaware. She attends Tall Oaks Classical School and Maria Donnelly is her teacher. (Read an excerpt from her award- winning essay here.) 2nd place- Kolby Paul Hannah from North Las Vegas, Nevada and 3rd place- Melanie Miranda from Charleston, West Virginia.

Contest information can be found here, or by contacting:

Andrea Ball -