AMI at the United Nations

American Mothers is an organization with special consultative status at the United Nations and was invited to attend the General Assembly on the Rule of Law taking place this week in New York.

Our UN Delegate, Dianne Callister, is in New York representing AMI at this session of the General Assembly.  The following statement was issued on behalf of AMI:

American Mothers, Inc. (AMI),  an organization with special consultative status at the UN, recognizes that mothers are confronting a global crisis.   Domestic violence is among the top killers of mothers around the globe and the most dangerous threat facing women today.   Statistics show that 1 in 4 women have been abused, and children born in the culture of violence are more likely to continue that cycle.  AMI  believes that human rights are mothers’ rights and seeks to advocate for justice and empowerment of mothers.   AMI  calls for an end to the culture of shame and silence surrounding violence in the home.  AMI  has been invited to participate in a high level meeting at the UN on the Rule of Law during the General Assembly.  Working in collaboration with the United Nations, AMI is committed to valuing, elevating and empowering mothers to break the cycle of violence for future generations.