AMI Panel at the United Nations

Earlier this month, American Mothers sponsored a panel at the 56th Conference on the Status of Women at the United Nations.  The Panel focused on "Peace Building and Motherhood: Art, Culture and Faith-Promoting Peace in Rural Families."  

Representatives from AMI greet United Nations Conference of Women delegates from Africa after the panel on Peace Building and Motherhood: Art, Culture, and Faith- Promoting Peace in Rural Families.

Yolanda Perez, Afton Beutler, Jackie Hunlow, and Gina Messina-Dysert after the AMI panel discussion.

Jackie Hunlow, the 2011 Oregon Mother of the Year and president of the Mothers Legacy Project discussing the role of art in our daily lives and how it inspires and furthers peace.

Gina Messina-Dysert, PhD, describing mothers as peace builders.