Arizona Moms Honored!


By Janeen Wright, Arizona State President 

Ariziona AMI held its annual Honors Gala on Saturday, January 30, at the Wright House Reception Center in Mesa.  Four oustanding moms were recognized for their love of mothering and the example they show to others.  Our honored moms for 2010 are:
Carol Soelberg -- Arizona Mother of the Year 2010.  Carol will represent all Arizona Mothers at the AMI National Convention in New York in April.  She will be a spokeswoman for mother and families and will also serve as a member of the State Board.
Alyson Dale -- Arizona Young Mother 2010.  Alyson will serve as a role model for other young mothers.  She will represent the Arizona's young mothers at the AMI National Convention and will also serve on the State Board for one year.
Kim Addicott -- Mother of Accomplishment 2010
Staci Brown -- Mother of Accomplishment 2010
At American Mothers, we believe in honoring women from a variety of backgrounds, and no two are alike!  Some may have one child, and some may have a dozen.  They come from a variety of faiths, but all are passionate about their roles as mothers.  We do not select only from our membership, in fact, many of our honored mothers had never heard of American Mothers previously.  We ask for recommendations from various clergy, from educational and business leaders in the community, and from our membership.
We have never intended to say that our honored women are perfect, or that they are the best mothers in the state.  But we hold them up as an example of mothers who find great joy in what they do.  By honoring their accomplishments, and asking them to be our spokespersons, they can be a positive voice in a world that is increasingly dismissing the roles of mothers and fathers and functioning families.
Congratulations to each of them!

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