Arizona Mothers Hold State Convention

The Annual Arizona State Convention was recently held to celebrate and honor many Arizona Mothers.  Concert pianist, Sara Stapley and recording artist, Jenee Prince gave wonderful performances and Alyson Dale, Arizona Young Mother and Carol Soelberg, Arizona Mother of the Year, enlightened and encouraged those gathered with their insightful words and wisdom.  Jane Wright was the host for this festive event and all in attendance enjoyed delicious food and her beautiful home.  Also on display were the quilts, art, and photography from those who participated in this year's annual cultural arts competition.  Listed below are this year's winners:

Literature Awards:

    Essay Winner - Janeen Wright

    Poetry Winner - Carolyn Murphy

    Short Story Winner - Joan Sowards 

Cultural Arts Awards    

    Arts & Crafts - Nancy Smith

    Quilting Award - Debra Jensen

    Music Vocalist Award - Jenee Prince

    Music Pianist Award - Sara Stapley

    Photography - Megan Klug


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