January 2018 We are starting our 2018 year off by focusing on a mother’s worst nightmare, Human Trafficking. This is a reality that too many mothers are facing each day. January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. American Mothers, Inc. will be partnering with mothers and organizations across […]

5 Ways Moms Can Help Fight Human Trafficking

We just finished Thanksgiving at our house, where we ate until our stomachs hurt and then had pie for breakfast the next day. We are diving into cookie season and we still have two jars full of candy left over from Halloween. My point is, that we have enough sugar […]

Advent Calendar Alternatives

It’s only November, but our 82nd National Convention will be here before you know it! We hope you are making plans to attend. This year’s convention committee has been hard at work putting together an exciting schedule that incorporates everyone’s favorite events, yet branches out to include time for moms […]

Motherhood Matters

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday. It is a time to remember our bountiful blessings and to give thanks with our family and friends.  There are so many ways that mothers throughout the country have reminded their families to take time to give thanks.  Here are a few of our […]

Teaching Thankfulness

Moms – who has children with food allergies? What do you do about trick or treating and upcoming holiday gatherings?   My son has gluten intolerance, so there are a lot of treats that he cannot have. However, trick or treating is fun to do even if you cannot eat […]

Dear Mom