Celebrating the American Mom

American Mothers celebrates motherhood. We believe mothers are a powerful force for good in our communities. It has been an AMAZING experience to see so many beautiful AMERICAN mothers through their submitted photographs and to know of the stories behind them.

As mothers we all have a story.

Some of the mothers in this video have died, some have kissed death and lived another day, some of the mothers have lost children, some are holding tightly to children who are fighting to survive. Mothers in this video, and in our world, are working mothers, single mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, refugees, immigrants, soldiers, cancer patients, cancer survivors. We endure depression, paralysis, infertility, loneliness, anorexia, abuse, poverty, and pain. We hold our children in difficult times and celebrate with them in good times. We laugh, we love, we grieve, we try, and we persevere.

We are mothers. We are strong. And it is the look of love and strength in the eyes of each mother that unites us. That love, that strength, that unity– that is what defines an American Mother.