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Moms – who has children with food allergies? What do you do about trick or treating and upcoming holiday gatherings?  

My son has gluten intolerance, so there are a lot of treats that he cannot have. However, trick or treating is fun to do even if you cannot eat the candy. So, when the trick or treating is over, I immediately check all the treats and remove anything with gluten. If my child cannot eat any of the things at an event, I make special gluten free treats for him to take. Every once in a while we end up somewhere, like a wedding, where everything has gluten. A promised trip to the ice cream store as soon as we leave the event works beautifully and makes him happy!

Shouna Olson, 2016 Oklahoma Mother of the Year

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  • Kim

    Although we don’t have any significant food allergies in our family, we do know plenty of people who do. I always have two bowls, one is the regular candy and then one with some toys in it and some gluten free items. They are presented at the same time when kids arrive so it’s not making a big deal about an allergy or making one child stand out if they don’t want to. I find it works for everyone so far.

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