Delaware Association Hosts Historic Worship Service

A historic Christian worship service will take place at colonial period, Barratt’s Chapel and Museum in Federica, Delaware on Saturday, September 25th from 10 a.m to noon. It will celebrate the founding of Methodism in the United States at this site, by two of the Chapel founders’ descendents, Mildred Clendaniel Tribbitt and her daughter, Jean Oliver.

Mrs. Tribbitt and Mrs. Oliver are both members of the Delaware Association of American Mothers, who is sponsoring this event.

In 1778, a Methodist Society was organized north of Frederica, Delaware. One of the Society members was Philip Barratt, who owned 800 acres in Kent County. Barratt was the county sheriff, a farmer and a merchant. In 1780, he donated a plot of land so that the Society could build a “preaching house.” Barratt’s Chapel was built in 1780 and is the oldest surviving church building in the United States built by and for Methodists.

John Wesley had ordained Thomas Coke, Richard Whatcoat and Thomas Vasey on September 1-2, 1784, intending that Coke and Asbury would jointly superintend the Methodist work in America.  Thereafter, Barratt’s Chapel is remembered as the meeting place of Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury on November 14, 1784, where they planned a December Christmas conference in Baltimore, when the Methodist Episcopal Church was formally organized as an organization.

Mildred Tribbitt and her daughter, Jean Oliver, have completed extensive genealogy of their family, showing their direct line to Philip Barratt. Some of their Chapel ancestors’ historical items are on permanent display in the Chapel Museum. Mrs. Tribbitt has traced her Delmarva family ties to the 1600’s.

The Delaware Association of American Mothers is proud of the genealogical work of this year’s Delaware's Merit Mother of the Year, Mildred Clendaniel Tribbitt, and invites the public to attend this special occasion on September 25, 2010.

Barratt’s Chapel is located 10 miles south of Dover, Delaware and 1 mile north of Frederica, adjacent to Route 1, at 6486 Bay Road.

For further information, please call Jean Oliver in Lewes at (302) 531-5954 or e-mail her at:; Mildred Tribbitt at (302)736-6339; Kay Wood Bailey, President of the Delaware Association of American Mothers at (302) 697-1025 or e-mail her at