American Mothers Global Coalition

American Mothers, Inc. is leading a global coalition focused on improving the lives of mothers and families to promote intergenerational solidarity around the world.

Through the collaborative efforts of international organizations and communities, the Global Motherhood Coalition  will offer a comprehensive approach to research, services, and action with the mission of promoting best practices in motherhood and improving the health and wellbeing of mothers and children.

Meet our Global Partners

  • HARO

    Haro was founded in 1982, and is a women organization that works for freedom of choice, equality and parenthood and always with the child in focus. Freedom of choice: We want parents to have the possibility to choose what kind of care that best suits their family and their child and for everyone who wants to have the possibility to care for the children at home. Equality: We want men and women to have equal possibilities to create and live their own life the way they want.

  • European Large Families Confederation EFLAC

    The European Large Families Confederation was founded in 2004 in Lisbon as an entity uniting large families associations from different European countries. These associations are representing families from all of Europe, in which each of them has 3 or more children. In the present context, when Europe is submerged in a so-called, “demographic winter” with 1.4 children per women, it’s way below the 2.1 needed to guarantee the replacement of generations.

  • Rwandan Mothers Team

    Strengthening families by providing relevant, effective education and support and encouraging an optimal environment for the healthy growth and development of parents/caregivers and children is the goal of Rwandan Mothers Team.  Specifically, to improve verbal and non-verbal communication in the home, prevent and resolve family conflict, in a manner that preserves the dignity and worth of all family members, help children develop the skills of self-management and maturity, through cooperati...

  • Volunteer Champions, UK

    CSV has been in operation in the UK since 1963 training volunteers to to take an active role in their communities.   Their Volunteers in Child Protection project is a partnership with Children's Social Services, and is aimed to achieve positive outcomes for children known to be at risk. The volunteers strive to keep families together while providing them with practical advise, assistance, positive support and frequent contact.  Here is a link to CSV where you can learn more about what ...

  • Nutrition and Education International, Afghanistan

    Did you know Afghanistan is among the highest maternal mortality rate in the world?  Working in Afghanistan, Nutrition and Education International (NEI) puts focus on bringing aid to women and their children in refugee camps through empowerment.  Particularly in the refugee camps, these cold winter months enhance the struggle that many women and chidren endure in order to survive another day.  NEI works to address malnutrition through collaboration and edu...

  • Living with Happiness-Icyemezo, Rwanda

    Living with Happiness-Icyemezo, is under the leadership of Aimee Joephine Utuza (pictured left with our UN representative, Dianne Callister).  This organization focuses on the mental health of mothers and reducing violence within the community by bringing women and men together to encourage greater understanding an peace.   Here is a link to their organization.

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