Governor Recognizes Arkansas Mother of the Year!

Pictured above are former National Young Mother of the Year, Kathy DeLone, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, and the 2010 Arkansas Mother of the Year, Marilyn Simmons.

What a glorious day we had honoring our Arkansas Mother of the Year, Marilyn Simmons, on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.  Our day began with the Governor's proclamation in his press conference room at 9:30 AM. People came in from out of town and state to show their love and support. We had a press conference room packed with fifty or more people who were delighted to see her receive this honor.  The luncheon followed with over 100 people at the Pleasant Valley Country Club at 11:30.  Former National and Arkansas Young Mother of the Year, Kathy DeLone, presided and the 1982 Arkansas Mother of the Year, Peggy Vining, presented the history of American Mothers, introducing many of the former Arkansas Mothers of the Year as far back as the early 1980's.  The tribute to Marilyn included a musical presentation from 17 of the 19 grandchildren, and a trio sung by her three daughters who are all gifted musically.  Each nomination letter was read by the nominees in the different categories. Jane Krutz, our 2000 MOY kept us in stitches as she made an appeal for everyone to buy a mother's bracelet (our fund raiser engraved with 12 languages that means mother) so that we could make some money to pay for the expenses of the Convention trip.  Jane is a professional, humorist speaker and we laughed till our sides hurt at her presentation style.  With great emotion, Dr. Simmons, her husband shared his life with and love for his wife.  He also closed the program with a powerful prayer for all mothers and families.   

The 2010 Arkansas Mother of the Year, with her grandchildren and the Governor of Arkansas.