Holiday Traditions

My husband grew up with a real tree every year so we always go buy one.  We used to spend a lot of money on them but now we just go to the local hard ware store and pick something out.  Well, last year we went to Lowes and while we where there we got the associate to take a family picture of us among the rows of netted trees.  There where cinder blocks and so the kids stood together and the picture turned out so cute that we used it as our Christmas card.  So this year Nathan declared that we had to go buy a tree so we could take a picture.  LOVE IT!!  I don't know if I will always use it as my card but I love that he thinks of those things.

I actually have several other traditions but my most favorite is the girls from my small group get together with our kids and have a ginger bread house party.  We tell the Christmas story and all our kids are in Christmas pjs.  And we make houses.  There is hot chocolate and a million kids and I JUST LOVE IT!  

Tara from Georgia

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