My Legacy, Brenda Noble

My grandmother turned 85 this March and for her birthday my father made a DVD slideshow of each of her great grandchildren.  As I watched the DVD and saw pictures of my children and my brother’s and sister’s and cousin’s children, I thought about each of their families, the love that we share among us, the good people that each of them are.  I realized what an amazing legacy my Grandmother has created.  Watching her work hard, struggle through difficult trials and expect great things from her children in the midst of tragedy that life sometimes brings, I have grown to realize the kind of woman, and the kind of mother that I want to be.  

As a rancher’s wife, Grandma took joy in hard work and she loved the land she lived on.  Then, widowed as a young mother, she showed perseverance and dedication to family as she became a rock for her 4 small children to depend on.  Then, remarrying after many years, she became the glue that held her combined family together as she mothered 4 more children who had lost their own mother to death.

Grandma’s children grew up to become wonderful, hardworking people of integrity who have also endured hardship and heartache, but who, largely because of her example, endured their trials with grace, determination and growth.  And because my grandma nurtured a relationship with each of her 48 grandchildren, we have also been able to turn to her and her life’s experiences for an example and for inspiration – each of us doing our best to bring honor and respect to our parents and grandparents. 

My legacy, like my grandma’s, will be made of ordinary moments filled with the ups and downs we all experience.  The day-to-day diaper-changing, dinner-making, child-shuttling, boo-boo kissing moments which sometimes seem to never end.  And other moments spent holding a sick child through the night or sitting by a hospital bed, praying and wishing I could take their place in it.  Teaching through everything I do and say, whether I intend to or not.  

And then some experiences they will not witness, but will hear about later, like how their Dad and I spent years and a tremendous amount of money we didn’t have battling infertility and getting them here.  Praying, hoping, enduring physical and emotional pain, months of bedrest, the loss of their brother – just because family meant so much to us.

They will know how important family is to us.  Hopefully they will watch me work hard, struggle through trials and overcome them because I won’t give up.  I hope they see me lean on God, learn from my mistakes, love America, and look for the best in people.   Each of these ordinary moments will be knit together in a patchwork of love and respect within our family.  

My legacy – our legacy, as my husband and I do all of this side by side – will be as my grandma’s:  A family bound together by their love for one another and their desire to honor our family name.  A posterity with integrity who serve each other, who honor their American heritage, and who love and honor God.

Brenda Noble was born in Utah but raised in Anchorage, Alaska.  After earning a degree in Communications, she married her husband, Steve.  While working towards a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at Alaska Pacific University, she and Steve welcomed quadruplets.  Over the next four years jared arrived, followed by twins.  Brenda has made a hobby out of cooking and is an avid reader.  She also spends time serving in her church, volunteering at her kids school, mentoring mothers of multiples and occasionally working as a substitute teacher.  Brenda hopes to someday publish a novel, run a marathon and see her children grown into responsible, kind people of integrity.