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We realize that many moms are looking for ways to find support for their busy family life as well as engage in other worthwhile pursuits. American Mothers Inc. believes, “Strong Moms Strengthen Families.” Which is why we are excited to announce an upcoming event for moms who wish to connect with this inspiring non-profit organization, Saturday, April 30th in Salt Lake City at AMI’s national convention, “Motherhood Elevated.” Join us for this free workshop, “Look Who is Talking!”—AMI’s Social Media and Technology panel, featuring inspiring and engaging women who use technology in their daily lives and their businesses.  More information about the convention can be found here.

Sandy Sponaugle is the CEO/Founder of Platinum PR   She is an economic development veteran, marketing consultant, communications director, spokesperson, publicity expert, public speaker and public relations team leader. Platinum PR serves as the marketing/communications department for businesses and organizations that do not have these talents internally.   Before creating her own business, Sandy worked for several economic development organizations in the mid-Atlantic region.  Sandy received a Bachelor of Science from Shepherd University.  Sandy was recently recognized as a “Young Gun” by West Virginia Executive Magazine for her entrepreneurial successes and community service activities. Sandy is a proud Mother of nine-year-old daughter, Tabitha, and happily married to her husband, Sid for 10 years.  She enjoys all the pleasures of being an Elevated Mother and sees her personal and professional challenges from a different perspective as a result.  

Sheri Carlstrom, Blogger was born in Duluth, Minnesota, has lived in Michigan, and now resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She knows what it is like to move to a new place and have to find your spot in a community. She attended classes at a community college and the University of Minnesota. Sheri has been married to Kevin for nineteen years. They have four children. Sheri has been involved in MOPS, International as a young mother, a leader, and a Mentor Mom. She works at Sonrise Church as Communications Director. She writes a blog, Slices of Ordinary Life, and co-owns a small business with her sister.  Her time is spent driving children to activities, sitting in bleachers, volunteering at church, going to the YMCA to keep both her physical and mental health in check. She also finds herself reading, writing and checking and rechecking the calendar to make sure she hasn’t forgotten a child somewhere. She is the National Young Mother of the Year and blogs about it here.     

Kelly King Anderson, Founder/Managing Director, Start Up Princess  Kelly’s first ‘startup’ was in high school- a club to help the homeless in Los Angeles and ever since she’s loved entrepreneurship, the power of organizations, and making a difference. Besides Startup Princess Kelly has been actively involved as a Trustee in One Heart Bulgaria, a non-profit that serves Bulgarian Orphans. She has a background in PR and Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Children’s Theater. Kelly won 2nd place nationally at the 2005 Wake Forest Elevator Pitch Competition for MBA students and it was that experience that inspired her to create Startup Princess. Kelly enjoys all of her roles with Startup Princess, especially connecting with women at events and in social media, speaking and writing. Kelly and her husband live with their three children in Utah County, Utah.

Courtney Kendrick, Blogger/Columnist  Courtney started blogging in 2005 because she liked to write. She wrote about being infertile, until she wasn’t infertile anymore.  Now, she writes about a lot of things.  In 2009, she started a blog called Dear C. Jane, then she started another blog about her hometown of Provo, called C. Jane’s Guide to Provo, and now she writes at C. Jane, Enjoy It.  She is also a columnist for the Deseret News and has been published in Segullah, Sunstone, The Arizona Republic and contributed to the anthologies The Mother in Me and Dance with Them.  Courtney states that, ‘my writing career supports my family, my husband supports me and I support the troops.’

Connell Branan, Moderator  Connell Branan has been a member of American Mothers since 2006 when she was named the National Young Mother of the Year.  She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California and previously worked in Washington D.C. on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Connell and her husband, Cliff live in Oklahoma with their two children where Cliff serves as a member of the Oklahoma State Senate and Connell enjoys volunteering at their children's school and for various arts and educational organizations in the community.  She started blogging in 2008 as The Senator’s Wife, to write about "politics from the inside." She is the incoming National President of American Mothers, Inc. ®

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