Motherhood, Pam Tokarz

I took a futuristic approach to the topic Motherhood What Legacy Will I Leave. Fast forward 40 years in the future, the year is 2050 and my son Allen is 55 years old, he’s happily married with a beautiful, healthy family. One day, his kids ask him to share stories about their grandmother, whom they call affectionately call “Nana Pam.” 

Here’s how the story goes from my son’s eyes at age 55….. 

Your Nana Pam was and still is a great Mother.  She loved me unconditionally which I didn’t appreciate till I got older and had a family of my own.  When I was in elementary school, she would surprise me and come have lunch with me. That may not sound like a big deal, but it means everything to me now especially knowing how busy she was. While she did work outside the home, that was never the center of her life. God came first, then family and everything else after that.  Your Nana Pam taught me to love unconditionally.

Nana Pam had a passion for helping others. She loved to volunteer at church, at my school, for my baseball team and senior centers.  She always got Dad and I involved too.  Every year on Mother’s Day we all went to the homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta and served breakfast to the homeless mothers and their children.  That was a very humbling and is why I volunteer today, it’s as if her legacy continues through me.  Your Nana Pam taught me to have compassion for others.  

 Nana Pam was a very spiritual person and we went to church regularly and we prayed together as a family.  We would have fun family nights where we made pizza and played games. There was always laughter in the Tokarz house.   I had a great childhood but most importantly your Nana Pam taught me right from wrong. 

Mom and Dad both had an incredible work ethic which they instilled in me.  I can still hear Mom saying “Allen, school comes first and you got to keep up your grades.”  Does that sound familiar to you, kids?  Even in baseball, they always encouraged me to always to my best. Your Nana Pam taught me that hard work won’t kill you.      

In closing, your Nana Pam was a great Mom, a good Christian lady, she had such a sweet spirit just like her Mother.    She taught me many valuable life lessons and her legacy continues through me, through you and through future generations.  One day I’ll be your Papa Allen and my legacy will live through you just like my Mother’s did through me.   

Pam Tokarz was born in Searcy, Arkansas.  She exhibited leadership skills early in life serving as President of her church youth group and attending Girls State.  Pam graduated from Searcy High School in 1979 with honors receiving an academic scholarship.  Pam attended Arkansas State University majoring in Communications and following graduation moved to Atlanta to produce a TV show for PBS.  Pam helped launch a TV network at Primerica where she has worked for 25 years and is a Senior Vice President.  Pam married her husband, John and they live in Snellville, Georgia with their son.  Pam enjoys volunteering at her church, her son's school and his baseball team and is also President of a non-profit organization, Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services that supports senior programs.