Mothers of Achievement

At our 2012 AMI Convention we honored our Mothers of Achievement. The Mother of Achievement is and award to recognize those outstanding women whose positive influence, talents, and community service has made a significant impact in the lives of children and families. This year we had 15 Mothers of Achievement.

Georgia- Louise Radloff: Louise, a mother of three sons and two foster children, has dedicated her life to empowering children and families. She has enacted change as a member of the Georgia School Board and National School Board Association, and through her efforts in public health, the court system, and as an ESL member.

Idaho- Cherie Buckner-Webb: The mother of two is founder and principal of Sojourner Coaching, which provides consulting and leadership development to business, educational, and nonprofit organizations. In 2010, she was elected to the State of Idaho House of Representatives.

Iowa- Mildred Lucas: Mildred Lucas, her husband, and five children have lived a life focused on family and community. The family moved back to her hometown to practice veterinary medicine, raise a family, and teach in the local school system. Their love for their community, the people, and animals has enriched those around them.

New Jersey- Loretta Weinberg: Throughout her career, Senate Majority Leader Weinberg has championed issues affecting women, children, families, healthcare, and gun safety. Senator Weinberg has supported local and state organizations safeguarding the family, improving the health of children, and advancing services for children with autism, adults with aphasia, and veterans.

Oklahoma- Connie Fox: As a certified yoga instructor and licensed professional counselor, Connie helps people achieve their best selves. Connie, mother of five, is Past President of the Oklahoma Counseling Association and serves on the Veterans’ Families United Board.

Puerto Rico- Esther Caro Morales: Esther initially pursued a life of service working with the Hispanic population in the U.S. After returning to Puerto Rico, she found her calling helping people with intellectual disabilities. For the past 26 years, she has worked with the Mayaguez Association for People with Disabilities (AMPI), helping thousands of clients achieve their full potential.

Arizona- Lucia Anderson: Together with her husband, Arizona Representative Mark Anderson, Lucia is committed to advancing harmony in our world. For the last 20 years, the mother of four has been active in the Women’s Federation of World Peace and a resource for single mothers in crisis, leading to her post as Faith Community Liaison with Arizona Works!/Maximus, where she linked needy single moms with resources from faith communities.

California- Margaret Finlay: Margaret, a mother of five, is an advocate for life-long learning. She and her husband Brad have instilled their love for adventure and public service in their children by organizing humanitarian aid trips to Central America and Mexico.

Washington, D.C.- Brenda Holder: Minister Holder has mentored hundreds of couples through the ministry of marriage and counseling. A graduate of the Greater Mt. Calvary Bible Institute, she is a longtime early childhood teacher and a student at the National Bible College & Seminary, where she is pursuing a degree in ministry of counseling.

New Hampshire- Marilyn Pelletier: As a nurturer to people in the last days of their lives, Marilyn expands the definition of what it means to be a mother. Living a quiet life in the service of others, Marilyn has fully invested herself in her work in elder care, as a volunteer leader at the Congregational Church of Hookset, and as treasurer of AMI New Hampshire.

New Jersey- Judy Ward: Judy Ward has been guided by a deep commitment to community service. A Verizon employee for 30 years, Judy was involved in the school committee and local youth initiatives during her employment. After retiring, she began a life in public office as the first female Pleasantville City Council President.

Oklahoma- Connie Jones: Connie and her husband started Harbor House, a residential care facility for teens in Florida. In 2012, they will open a housing facility for single senior women. The mother of two and grandmother is an ambassador at the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City, where she teaches parenting classes and helps with special events.

Oklahoma- Mautra Jones: Growing up in an underprivileged environment, Mautra saw far beyond her circum- stances. She responded to the positive influences that cultivated her love of learning and service. Today, that love is being shared with a new generation, through her work as Director of Development for White Fields, a long-term boys’ home for abused and neglected children.

Oregon- Mariann Adams: All the world’s a stage, and Mariann believes that every child has an important role to play. The mother of six is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music whose free children’s theater programs empower children of all economic levels and abilities and give moms the chance to shine. Mariann also has created orchestration for the San Diego-Los Angeles Olympic Celebrations.

Utah- Kerri Smith: Kerri Smith followed in her father’s footsteps and became a physician. The mother of two is a general pediatrician, but specializes in child abuse and is on the advisory board for the Children’s Justice Center. She is also the Pediatric Medical Director for Dixie Regional Medical Center. Active in her church, she and her daughter recently completed a mission trip to Dorie’s Promise in Guatemala.