My Legacy is One of Faith, Laurel Beckstead


My road before, has been trod.

My road ahead, clearly marked.

My faith in God is my legacy.

Desiring to know God’s words, my ancestor mother sewed into the folds of her skirt, scripture.  Though punishable by death; by candlelight, she secretly read verse to her children planting His truths deeply within their hearts.

As a mother today, I know that God’s laws and principles are unchanging; His truths, eternaI. These principles clarify and simplify my thinking.  They are the basis of my decisions and actions.  God talks to me through scripture.  I talk to God through prayer.

My faith in family is my legacy.

Clinging to her belief in God, my ancestor mother, amid the storm tossed seas, prayed often, thankful as her family stepped on newly found land.

As a mother today, I know no nation rises above its homes.  Righteous families are the rock foundation of our society and exhalt our nation. Tossed by the pounding waves that threaten family values, our homes built on a foundation of faith, anchor us. God’s greatest work is always done within the home.  Inside these walls, He calms life’s violent storms, whispering to our minds, “Be still and know that I AM.”

My faith in country is my legacy.

With grim determination, my ancestor mother fought with unwavering faith all attempts to rob her family of the liberty gained in this choice land.  Not with sword but with the tongue, she taught her children about their God given liberties.

As a mother today, I know the greatest gift I can give my country is to not only educate my children with a foundation of correct principles but to teach all children to faithfully serve God, cherish a faithful family, and to preserve our country’s faith and liberty.

And by example, more powerful than words, only a mother can do.

There has never been a more important time for mothers to have faith.  We have been born at this time to continue our legacy: this legacy, started not just by mine, but OUR ancestor mothers.  Today’s mothers live by faith and perpetuate God’s unchanging principles preparing those who will trod on the most treacherous road ahead.  May I, with God, mark well my path, and in so doing leave a legacy honoring God, my family and our country.

Laurel Beckstead is the first born child of Gary and Sherry Leavitt.  She grew up as a third generation Las Vegan and graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.  A highlight of her education was attending the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Jerusalem.  In 1990,  she met and married her husband, Blaine and together they have four children.  Laurel is currently working on a Masters Degree in Education from George Wythe University and is the Headmaster at American Heritage Academy, a principle based private school that provides classical education.