Nominate An Awe-Inspiring Mother!

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Nominate An Awe-Inspiring Mother!        

Washington, D.C.– We all know at least one incredible mother who balances it all: A social life, a spiritual life, her job, her family, and her bank accounts. Even more impressive is she manages to do this while also making time to volunteer or head up organizations to help others. These women are an inspiration and we wish we could honor them for the beautiful people they have become and all that they have achieved.

Now you can…  HYPERLINK "" American Mothers, Inc., a nationwide organization dedicated to the spirit and multi-faceted job of motherhood, is now soliciting nominations for the 2011 Mother of the Year ® and Young Mother Of The Year Awards. To qualify for these awards, the nominees must first and foremost be involved and loving mothers. These women must also be active in their community, be active in a faith-based organization, and must have been or be married. For Mother Of The Year ®, at least one of her children must be over the age of eighteen. For Young Mother Of The Year, all of her children must be under the age of eighteen.

Last year’s winners were:

Sheri Carlstrom –Young Mother Of The Year- Fort Wayne, Indiana. Read all about her amazing year and her beautiful terrific sense of family on her blog, " Mother of the WHAT?"

Dianne Callister- Mother Of The Year ® - Los Angeles, California- Her love for humanity is shown in her words to her own children, "If you want to be happy, just make the world a better place".

If you know someone you would like to nominate, please contact:

HYPERLINK "" Mother of the Year ®,   HYPERLINK "" Young Mother Of The Year.


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