Oregon Honors Moms!

The Oregon Association of American Mothers honored over a dozen outstanding women recently in Portland.  Four ladies were honored as Mother of the Year candidates, four Young Mother candidates, and five Special Mother awards, including Mother of Adoptive Children, Mother of Special Needs Children, Mother of Outstanding Leadership Qualities, Mother of Community Service and a new award given for Outstanding Service to American Mothers. Each mother was given a packet of information about American Mothers and following the annual Oregon gala, will be given a portfolio to complete and consider if they wish to be amongst those considered for the 2011 Mother/Young Mother of the Year. The 2009 Oregon Young Mother of the Year, Melanie Henstrom prepared handmade candy favors, cute decorative cookie cutters and beautiful flowers to enhance the luncheon tables.  It was a lovely day where many incredible mothers were honored and recognized for their achievements.