Oregon Association Honors Outstanding Moms!

The Oregon Gala honoring Mothers of Excellence was held April 16, 2010 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Portland, Oregon.  Charlotte Laughlin planned and executed a glorious evening that honored Mothers of Excellence. The evening was enjoyed by over 150 guests.  The Northwest Symphony Orchestra opened the evening with lovely music that set the mood for the rest of the evening.  Other musicians were Nancy and Rob Downie playing the dulcimer, Sara Maier composer and pianist, Jennifer Edwards, vocal.  The Mothers of Excellence were Lorie Dickenson, Catherine Huxford, Cynthia Owens and the Young Mothers of Excellence were Kathleen Heffernam, Melissa Jones, Robyn Smith. Special Awards went to Afton Alder Award for Leadership, Kirstie Fournier, Mother of Special Needs Children, Margieann Boss, Leah Sauer Award for Community Service, Grace C. Osborn, Bertha Holt Award for Mother of Adopted Children, Aura Lee Loveland, and the Service to American Mothers Award went to Heather Novak.  Art winners were; Shirley Moore- oil, Dee Rommel- watercolor. Nathan Henstrom also read his winning 5th  grade essay. “What my Mother Means to Me”.     Washington’s Mother of the Year, Lynne West, and Young Mother of the Year Rachel Boarders were also honored at the Gala.

Alison Wadsworth was named the 2010 Oregon Young Mother and Shelly Brady, the 2010 Oregon Mother of the Year.