Meet our UN Representative

Dianne Callister is President of the Singer Foundation and Chair of the Women’s Studies Council in the School of Religion at Claremont Graduate University.

Dianne believes strongly in giving back to her community and improving lives through improving opportunity.  This belief stretches back to her early childhood, having been abandoned as a baby at a Salvation Army hospital.  In adulthood, she has acted on her beliefs and has served on numerous boards and consulted with schools, organizations and government leaders across the nation.

She has a passion for establishing new programs to meet present-day needs.  She is the founder of White Wings and Silver Strings, a non-profit organization that brings music to the inner-city children of Los Angeles and which now operates in conjunction with the Palos Verdes Regional Orchestra.

She founded Project Give, a student-driven service project for middle schools across the country empowering students to become actively involved in identifying and solving problems in their local communities.

In addition, she was honored as the 75th National Mother of the Year ® in 2010 by American Mothers, Inc. and currently serves as the 1st Vice President and UN Representative for the organization.