Puerto Rico Association Announces Essay Winners and Mother of Achievement

Of the many sunshine families in Puerto Rico, there are 2 very special families very happy as of February 12, 2012, at which time the PR Association selected the first ever winner of AMI’s sponsored 5th Grade Essay and the first Puerto Rico Mother of Achievement 2012.

In an event sponsored by the Puerto Rico Teachers Association and its President, Dr. Aida L. Díaz, 63 contestants presented their essays. The winner was Nathanael Mikaelo Utzig-Cruz, a 5th grade student of the Howard W. Longfellow Elementary School in the city of San Germán, Puerto Rico. Nathanael’s essay will compete for Puerto Rico at the national level.

Among the many mothers of achievements, the selectee at the same well attended event was Mrs. Esther Caro from the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Married and mother of 2 daughters, Esther has built in the Island 3 low income housing group homes for dawn syndrome adults, an extraordinary effort she pursued after the death of both her beloved brother Junny and mother, celebral palsy citizens. Esther was able to raise $l,680,000 in funds to rehabilitate old structures and build new structures to house these families. A task she has performed for the past ten years, Esther’s main goal is to share her projects with other mothers in the Mainland.

Mrs. Esther L. Caro, Puerto Rico's 2012
Mother of Achievement

Winner of the Puerto Rico 5th Grade Essay Contest 2012
from left to right in the picture:
Geny Champana, National Region IX Coordinator, Laura Sellas, State Vice President and 5th Grade Essay Coordinator; Nathanael Utzig, Winner of the Essay Contest. Observers are other runner ups of the 63 students that competed Island-wide. To the far right, Yolanda Perez, PR State Association President and National Bylaws Chair.