Puerto Rico Unveils Motherhood Statue

   Around seventy people turned out at 1:30 pm on Thursday, May 26, 2011 to see the official unveiling of a statue that was presented to all mothers in Puerto Rico. 

         Local art enthusiast Ramon “Chiqui” Moreno was the artist of a bronze sculpture that was placed in a landscaped area at the front door of the La Casa Cuna de San Juan, an orphanage house of children for adoption located in an old U. S. Department of the Navy facility in the core of the San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The statue symbolizes the value of motherhood. 

         Yolanda Perez, President of AMI Puerto Rico Association,  who coordinated to have the statue unveiled, thanked Ramon Calderon, President of  Holsum of Puerto Rico, Inc. for being the golden sponsor of the statue, and to the Honorable Jorge A. Santini, San Juan City Mayor, for allowing the statue to be placed at La Casa Cuna de San Juan.

        Attending were the 2011 merit mothers, past Puerto Rico Mothers of the Year, boosters, artists, local city officials and Commonwealth officials along with other AMI members.