Rwandan Mothers Team

Strengthening families by providing relevant, effective education and support and encouraging an optimal environment for the healthy growth and development of parents/caregivers and children is the goal of Rwandan Mothers Team.  Specifically, to improve verbal and non-verbal communication in the home, prevent and resolve family conflict, in a manner that preserves the dignity and worth of all family members, help children develop the skills of self-management and maturity, through cooperation, responsibility, independence, and courage, build a positive, strong, and resilient self-image in their children and themselves and finally, to learn skills that enable them to become independent problem solvers.

Rwandan Mother Team believes that the role of parents is of fundamental consequence to the healthy development of children and youth. Nurturing parents have substantial positive effects on a child’s opportunities in life. Rwandan mother team believes that by providing parents with education, support and encouragement as they seek to fulfill this challenging role, our society as whole benefits.

Rwandan Mothers Team will contribute in creating spaces of dialogue and safe discussion for family members (mothers, fathers and children) where everyone will find his/her place and role and will learn each other on how to more build family harmony.