More News from the States!

Members of the Colorado Mothers Association enjoyed our annual meeting in June. We heard reports from President Eleaner Scot and Secretary Lori Keeler who enjoyed attending the American Mothers National Convention in Utah. We were very happy to hear that they would have support from American Mothers in creating a website for the Colorado Mothers. They are waiting to hear the next step in getting this website created. 

The Colorado Mothers Association is thrilled to see previous members becoming active members again. We are especially excited to have new, younger members joining the Association. We will collaborate with them in identifying resources that will help them in their roles as young mothers.The Association looks forward to learning from these young mothers about the interaction of busy mothers through the use of blogging.

It appears that the Colorado Mothers Association of American Mothers, Inc. will have a great year in 2011-2012.

– Eleaner Scott, Colorado State President

The Georgia Mothers Association has been very busy. The nine that attended the National Convention are sharing their experiences with everyone. On Mother’s Day, the Georgia Mothers held a breakfast for 100 homeless mothers and their children at a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta. It was highly publicized on television and in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, the number one paper in Georgia. There were 41 helpers who served and cared for the guests. Money was raised for this event through a grant.

The 2011 Georgia MOY, Terri Brown, has been very busy giving science lessons to the children at the same homeless shelter. She has also had the children brought to the local science center where she teaches for classroom lessons and instruction at the planetarium. The 2011 Georgia YM, Brandi Allgood, has also been busy helping young children who are home from school for the summer. She has been highly featured in local newspapers.

Georgia Mothers member, Melissa Faye Green, has another great book on the market. No Biking in the House Without a Helmet, is a wonderful book about adopting children. Melissa has four children of her own (only one is still at home), and she and her husband have adopted five children from different parts of Africa. She has been on national and local television in the past two weeks. Melissa has won many national and international awards for the other five books she has written. Some may remember when Melissa was a guest speaker at the 1998 National Convention in

Georgia Mothers member, Ella Young, has won yet another great award for her books of poetry. Ella has won the Diamond Homer Poetry Award for Realities of Life and has been named to the Famous Poets Society of America. Her poem, “A Mother’s Wish” was a winner of the AMI poetry contest a few years ago.

The “Books for Babies” program is very important to the Georgia Mothers. The latest book, written by one of the members, has already been distributed to over 6,000 children. Members love the work they do through and for the Georgia Mothers Association of American Mothers, Inc. and seeing the difference it can make in the lives of many mothers and their families.

– Emily Gunnells, Georgia State President

The Illinois Mothers Association of American Mothers, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2011 winners of the Illinois 5th Grade Essay Contest. They are students from the Gombert Elementary School in Aurora, Illinois. The first place winner is Kyria Lauren Wolf, and the second place winner is Ana Nikol Peduk. They were both given monetary prizes for their awards. Angela Halliday has served as the contest chairman for the past few years. She and her committee of judges have done an outstanding job. 

Our next meeting will be on October 1, 2011, in Chatham, at the home of Deanna Langheim, the 2009 Illinois MOY. We plan to welcome the new members in the Quincy area at that time. Bobbie Goettler, the 2010 Illinois YMOY, is
gathering news for the Association’s website. We look forward to the search for the 2012 Illinois MOY and YMOY. There are many mothers and young mothers in the state who are qualified for this honor.

Dot Mau, 2000 Illinois MOY, was recently honored by the City of Springfield as the Outstanding Citizen of Springfield for her fine services to the city. She gave the National Board members of AMI nice gift books on Abraham Lincoln and special historic bookmarks when they held their board meeting in Springfield.

The Illinois Mothers Association sends congratulations to the new National Board! We look forward to serving with all of you during your term.

– Dot Beldon, Illinois State Presiden

The Indiana Mothers Association of American Mothers, Inc. has been busy. We have chosen a new charity, “Healthier Moms and Babies”, and are hoping to be more involved in our communities. This program will help moms and support them when they are having difficult pregnancies and/or life changes. We hope that we can help bring healthy babies into the world. We are excited about this mission and hope we can make a difference.

– Darlene Cyr, Indiana State President

Service in the heartland is the focus of the Kansas Mothers Association. We have put together comfort bags with a blanket, stuffed animals and books for the children affected by the tornadoes. There was help from an LDS quilting group. Books for Babies Chair, Karen Taylor, and Quilts for Children Chair, Kaye Gruver, coordinated the event. Connections were made with a group that would hand-deliver the bags to families who have lost everything.

The 2011 Kansas Mother of the Year, Shari Barber, and her family were honored at the state’s annual Honors Gala. It was a night to remember with its great talent, wonderful food, beautiful decorations and superb company! In September, Shari will be honored at the State Fair by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

“Celebrate Families the Hawaiian Way” was the theme of the June Family Picnic, talent show and family run. Guests were invited to attend, and hopefully, they saw the merits of the Kansas Mothers Association and of American Mothers and have asked to become members of this very worthy and needed organization.

– Louise Thiebaud, Kansas State President