Updates from the States!

The members of the Kentucky Mothers Association of American Mothers, Inc. are busy sharing the good works of AMI. There have been 850 copies of the “Be Strong” and “In Control” booklets distributed to the middle schools in North Oldham. There have been 60 ABC quilts donated to the Kosair Children’s Hospital, and our members have met with the community outreach manager at the Mayor of Louisville’s office. The annual “Celebration of Motherhood” event was held at the state capitol where the winners of  the 5th grade essay contest; the 2011 Kentucky Young Mother, Ruth Ann Sullivan, and the 2011 Kentucky Mother of the Year, Susan Hill, were honored.The Kentucky Mothers continue to run the best program in their “Power of Positive Parenting” classes taught all around Oldham County to all interested parents. We are teaching in churches, schools and to special needs groups. You may view all of our events on www.kentucky-AMI.blogspot.com.

– Betsy Lowe, Kentucky State President

New Hampshire
The New Hampshire Mothers Association of American Mothers, Inc. is focusing on the “Books for Babies” program with emphasis on mothers reading to their newborn babies and young children. We are also promoting the need for strong families in today’s society. Finally, we are honoring both mature and young mothers who are working hard to have strong families and are passing it on to other moms and families.

– Valerie Earnshaw, New Hampshire State President

North Dakota
North Dakota had seven members attend the AMI National event in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a great Convention. The Utah Convention Committee did a great job. They are to be commended for their work.

In the state, there is work on the Charter. The chapter is making baby quilts for the nursery atTrinity Hospital and have made over 200 cancer caps. These caps are given to cancer patients. The patients love them, and the caps help them out a lot, if and when they lose their hair.

The last State Meeting took place on June 25th at the home of Maybelle Opland. It’s now time to begin thinking about the search for the 2012 North Dakota MOY and YMOY.

–MayBelle Opland, North Dakota State President

After a WONDERFUL time in Salt Lake City, we are settling into summer and planning our fall events with renewed enthusiasm! We are proud of our national officers, President Connell Branan and Search Chairman Irene Costilow. We are also proud of our 5th Grade Essay National Winner, Andrea Perez. Our 2011 Mother of the Year, Miki
Farris, continues to work hard with her service to Oklahoma babies and just celebrated serving her 150,000th baby with Infant Crisis Services! Our Young Mother, Jennifer King, is working with the state legislature to find help for families who home-school, specifically those who deal with learning disabilities. Jennifer also volunteers her time to work with the Leukemia Lymphoma support organization. Our mothers are working in women’s prisons, homeless shelters and are supporting families of soldiers returning from war with post traumatic stress disorder, single mothers
and students from foreign countries who are living in our state.

–Sherri Boyd, Oklahoma State President & Irene Costilow, Oklahoma Search Chairman

On June 5, 2011, the Oregon Mothers Association proudly celebrated the completion of second phase of the Walk of the Heroines Garden. Phase two includes the addition of the stage and stage wall, beautiful sculptures and the engraving of new heroine names, including the Oregon Mothers Association. The ceremony was held at Hoffman Hall, next to the Gardens, on the campus of the Portland State University campus. The name of Jacki Hunlow, the 2011 Oregon MOY, is engraved on this wall. A plaque with all of the names of the Oregon Mothers of the Year since 1945 is included.

– Jeanne Card, Oregon State President

Puerto Rico
The thirteen 2011Merit Mothers and the 2011 Puerto Rico Mother of the Year, Norma Iris Colon, were honored on May 26, 2011, by the Senate of Puerto Rico. The recognition ceremony was hosted by Senator Itzamar Peña, the former Las Piedras City Mayor, and a true supporter of the Puerto Rico Association of American Mothers. Our dear past National President, Deanne Taylor, and Mr. Devon Taylor witnessed the occasion with the Puerto Rico members. Deanne’s remarks were well accepted by the large audience in attendance. A reception followed the unveiling of the name of Norma Iris Colon, which is now engraved in the MOY’s plaque located in the main entrance corridor of the capitol building.

– Yolanda Perez, Puerto Rico State President


The Texas Association had a wonderful honors
luncheon on April 18th before hurrying off to Utah for “Motherhood Elevated”. It was a great conference. Our San Antonio Chapter has a blog that is growing in popularity along with the chapter. They have held an honors luncheon
and an “I Believe” meeting which were well attended. We honored our 5th Grade Essay Contestant winners and received great feedback. We are planning on a State Quilting Bee along with a parenting conference that we hope to hold within the next year. We are happy to say that our AMI – Texas Association is growing.


– Marjorie Barton, Texas State President