The Magic of Motherhood

I first experienced the magic of motherhood thirteen years ago this past March.  I don’t think any mirror could have prepared me for that sad yet wonderful day.  I learned in a few short hours how magical a newborn is and how they touch many lives in just a few hours. I also learned how devastating it can be when a child is suddenly called home. 

Matthew was only here for a few short hours but he certainly taught us a lot about love, family, faith, and friendship.  He taught me all the emotions of motherhood in just six short hours.  I thank the Lord daily for the miracle of Matthew. After the loss of Matthew, I did not want to look into any mirror, let alone experience the “magic of motherhood” again.  However, we had Patrick two years later and Andrew four years after that.  Patrick and Andrew have both been a joy.  It is so wonderful watching them, teaching them new things, and learning things from them and with them.  

Being a mother to them is not magic.  It is a lot of hard work and a lot of trial and error.  One thing that I have learned in my years of motherhood is that, what might work very well for one child, does not necessarily work for the other. I am truly enjoying motherhood.  I enjoy introducing our boys to new things and watching them succeed.  I am doing my very best to prepare them for adulthood while still letting them be kids.  Some days when I am wondering if I am being successful in this journey of motherhood, someone comments on how wonderful and well behaved those Barnett boys are.  I thank them for the compliment and think to myself “Wow, you should have seen them thirty minutes ago at the house!”  I also make sure that I let Patrick and Andrew know that someone has complimented them so that they will see the rewards of their behavior. I admit, there are times when I wish I could use “smoke and mirrors” with my children in this journey of motherhood, but I know that this is not the true “magic” of motherhood.   The true magic of motherhood is LOVE.

Ansley Barnett was named the 2007 National Young Mother of the Year and has served American Mothers since then as the Area VI Coordinator.  She has a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia and an AA from the Oxford College of Emory University.  Ansley is a member of the Georgia Society of Hospital Pharmacists, and volunteers with the handbell choir at her church as well as the children’s ministry and middle school youth programs. She and her husband Jimmy have three boys, Matthew (deceased), Patrick and Andrew.