What Legacy Will I Leave Behind? Stacy Cline

I was six when my mother died. The saying, “They may not remember what you said but they will they will always remember the way you made them feel” would apply to the legacy she left me. I don’t remember a lot about her but I do remember feeling loved.

Because of this early experience with death, I’ve thought a lot about the legacy I will leave to my children. After my mom died I was embraced by my small town. I was mothered by my grandmothers, aunts, my friend’s mothers, teachers, and the women in my church. I am living proof that it does take a village to raise a child.

I was scolded, tattled on (living in a small town you can’t get away with anything), lectured, and was loved and nurtured. I learned that being a mother isn’t just between a women and her biological child, it is a frame of mind.

Being a mother is caring enough to go the extra mile for someone else.  It’s being there to say I care what happens to you.  It is loving someone enough to expect better of them, when they have made mistakes.

Some of the best mothers I know never gave birth but have adopted or dedicated their lives to children. Even my dad, was a great mom! Because of my experience of being embraced and mothered by a community I want to give that back.

I want the legacy I leave behind to all children in my life to be the message that they are loved. And because they are loved they can be inspired to accomplish anything in their lives.  That is one of the reasons I became a school counselor. I want to inspire children to go for their dreams.

There are so many children out there that need a hug, unconditional love and a word of encouragement to get them through their challenges. They say it takes one person in a child’s life that cares, to make a difference. I want to be that one person.

Being a mother has had a paramount impact on my life. The wonderful, organized chaos, the laughter through the tears, the good choices and successes of all of my “children”-those are the moments that have become the snapshots of my life which define me to the core.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am so appreciative of this opportunity but even without it, my life’s mission continues.

Stacy Ruth Cline is a Christian, a mother, a school counselor, and a rancher/farmer.  She graduated from Hennessey High School in Oklahoma and went on to attend Oklahoma State University where she received a degree in Interior Design.  After graduating, she worked as an interior designer for two years.  Stacy married Perry Cline, from her home town of Hennessey.  In 1993 they bought a ranch and moved to Colorado.  It was a rural community and did not have a demand for an interior designer, so she started her own photography business at a local ski area.  In 2001, she felt like God was calling her in a different direction and she went back to college to earn her Masters in Counseling.  Stacy was offered a job at her Alma Mater in her hometown.  Currently, their family is living and serving in Hennessey.  Stacy says, "it has been a blessing to raise our kids on a family ranch surrounded by relatives."