What Legacy Will I Leave, Jean Geherin

When I consider what legacy I am leaving for my child, for my posterity…for future generations, I feel the tremendous importance of the impact I will make.  Children learn from example; they follow what others do.  When I work hard to get something done, my daughter wants to do the same.  When I tell the truth, even if it embarrasses me, my daughter listens and learns—and then tells the truth as well.  When I watch for opportunities for us to serve others, my daughter begins developing the desire to help others too.  I teach her that she can be anything she wants to be, but the highest calling is motherhood.

A legacy is something precious that you leave to someone you love.  What will I leave to my children?  Am I choosing, each day, to do those things that will impact them for the best?  Am I remembering to always think through what ripple effect my actions will have?

I have chosen to do my best to use my life as a precious gift for my posterity.  I strive to be an example of truth, of hard work, and of spirituality.  As I fill my life with these lessons, I will have a precious legacy to offer those who come after me—one that will always be a guiding example to them.

I realize that the responsibility of shaping my legacy is one that cannot be taken lightly.  Will I influence my daughter, and her future children, in ways that will help them do good?  Will I be an example that always sets them on the right course?  Will my choices be ones that I can feel proud of?  Will I show them, through my actions, what things are truly the most important in life?

I commit to act in a way that is pleasing to my Father in Heaven.  I commit to remain faithful, to remain worthy, and to always make choices that show I am following the path of Him who sent us here.  I commit to loving others, to serving others, to look for the good in others, and to honoring those whose lives are good examples to all of us.

What legacy will I pass on to future generations?  I hope and pray that mine will be a legacy of choosing to follow truth and light—a legacy that will set others on a course leading to the greatest joy they could have in their lives.  A legacy of making choices that make the world a better place.  A legacy of knowing that no matter what they choose to do in life, their most important work will be within the walls of their own home.

Jean Geherin was born in Richland, Washington and grew up climbing apple trees with her seven siblings.  She now calls Pittsburgh, pennsylvania home and can't imagine living anywhere else.  Jean earned a BGS Management degree and a Master of Library and Information Science.  She thrives on reading, learning and helping others.  Jean has a strong faith and is active in her church.  She has traveled extensively, seeing most of the United States and visiting four continents.  She feels blessed to be married to Mark, and to have the best daughter in the whole world.