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Nina Westbrook, 2020 American Mother of Achievement

Nina Westbrook is a wife, mother, Marriage and Family Therapist, and the founder of The Little Ark Boutique in Oklahoma City. She has dedicated most of her professional life to nurturing and assisting others to fulfill their emotional and psychological needs.

Before Nina settled into a career in Marriage and Family Therapy, she was a collegiate athlete at the University of California Los Angeles where she studied English, and psychology. Nina went on to receive her master in arts in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Nina and her husband, Russell, live in Houston with their three young children. The Westbrooks work together on outreach and events to support his Why Not? Foundation which focuses on children, promotes youth literacy, and offers help to kids dealing with hardship. Nina and Russell can be spotted serving meals during the foundation’s annual Thanksgiving event or surprising families in need during Christmas.

As a mom in the public eye, Nina was selected because of her “real life” and relatable depiction of working motherhood, coupled with her heart for helping others. Nina will share her thoughts on work-life balance, the importance of being real with one another, and taking better care of ourselves.

We are excited to welcome a robust lineup of inspirational speakers to our convention in Washington, DC! Sessions and topics will primarily be focused on:

2020 National Convention Speakers

Carol Muleta was named 2019 DC Mother of the Year® by American Mothers, Inc.  She is a Certified Parent Educator and creator of The Parenting 411®, a portal through which she engages with parents and families to guide them on building strong family connections and fostering children’s success in academics and in life.  She is co-founder of a parent education and consulting company where she designs and presents parenting programs and provides direct counsel to families. She hosts a parenting radio show, Parenting 411, where she explores various matters affecting family life from discipline, communications, and education to achieving work-life balance, effective co-parenting, and supporting special needs.  Carol was named Radio Personality of the Year at SpeakerCon 2019. Carol and her husband are the proud parents of two sons.

Dr. Renae Reinardy is a Psychologist and Director of the Lakeside Center for Behavioral Change. She is the Program Developer of, a plush animal and online program to help children learn adaptive coping skills. She received her doctorate at Argosy University, Washington DC. After several years in Washington, she returned to her home in the Midwest where she started a non-profit and continued to be an advocate for mental health. She has been a Professor and travels across America presenting at numerous conferences and trainings. Dr. Reinardy has been interviewed on Good Morning America, North Dakota Today and the Joy Behar Show. She was featured on Dateline NBC and A&E’s Hoarders. She currently resides in Fargo with her husband Chad and their 7-year-old daughter Fiona. Whenever she is not working, she plays a competitive game of Twister, and enjoys traveling, hiking and finding new adventures with her family.

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