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About American Mothers

American Mothers, Inc. (AMI) is a non-profit organization that educates, inspires, and recognizes mothers through programs that teach, support, and honor moms, empowering them to positively impact their families and communities. For over 85 years, we have celebrated that mission by searching for and hand-selecting a Mother of the Year® in every state, district, and territory in the country.

Who Attends

While we celebrate moms across the nation, our annual convention honors our Mother of the Year® state honorees, National Mother of the Year®, our Golden Rule Grant winners, 5th Grade Essay Contest winner and each state chapter and member of American Mothers, Inc.

Schedule 2022

12:00-2:00 p.m. EST


Join us at 12:00 p.m. EST to kick off the 87th National Convention of American Mothers!

Meet the 2022 Honorees

Meet this year’s Mother of the Year® honorees from across the country and learn more about their motherhood journey.

Panel (attendees can choose one)

Unique Journeys to Motherhood
Moms on diverse paths of motherhood come together to share their perspectives, stories, and experiences. Join this panel, moderated by Sharon Parker, to hear about how there’s no one path to motherhood and how being a mom has shaped the lives of our speakers—Karen Mowad, Neena Nizar, Ciara Simonson, and Robyn Vining.

Passion For Community
As mothers, our passions are often shaped by the people in our lives. Join this panel, moderated by Dr. Patricia Payne, to hear from passionate moms building community through non-profit organizations, and share in what inspires service—Rebecca Savage and Michelle Schroff.


Motherhood is a Marathon, Not a Race
Motherhood is a journey of highs and lows, trials and successes, and multitudes, in general. There is no one path to motherhood and it’s forever ongoing. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Mautra Staley Jones, the 2021 National Mother of the Year, shares her story and how embracing every single stage of her journey has shaped and strengthened who she is today.

Breakout Sessions

Session one will wrap with facilitated breakouts that will allow you to connect with other attendees. Afterward, we will cut to a short farewell before seeing you again at 4:00 p.m. EST.

4:00-6:00 p.m. EST

Meet the 2022 Honorees

Session two of American Mothers’ National Convention will commence with a rundown of the afternoon’s events.

Panel (attendees can choose one)

Unlike Any Other
American Mothers, Inc. is shaped by the moms we’ve had the honor of recognizing and sharing stories about; by members across the country on distinct motherhood journeys; by people who lift up and love moms. Join this panel, moderated by Deb Stanaland, to hear about our organization’s mission and how we celebrate moms and motherhood—Simona Grace, Jennifer Harrington, Sheila Monke, and Deanne Taylor.

What Does Care Look Like in Motherhood?
Motherhood is built on unconditional love and the spirit of caring. Join this panel, moderated by Gerre Schwert, to hear a discussion around unconditionally giving and caring for others as mothers, while re-examining what care looks like for ourselves—Charlotte Avery, Pauline Rose Moore, Carol Muleta, and Dr. Renae Reinardy. How do we fill our cup, so we can pour into others and our communities?

Awards Ceremony

During the awards ceremony, we will be recognizing each of this year’s Golden Rule Grant winners. We will also be celebrating our National 5th Grade Essay Contest winner, before naming and hearing from the 2022 National Mother of the Year®!


Stick around! Following the awards ceremony will be time to socialize, celebrate, and connect.

Nominate a mom you know and love for 2023 Mother of the Year®! Submissions open Mothers Day, Sunday, May 8 through September 15, 2022. For eligibility and requirements, visit