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ABC Quilts

5 women holding a colorful tied quilt to be donated.
5 happy women holding quilts for babies, and one mom holding her young son.

ABC Quilts
(At Risk Babies & Children’s Quilts)

ABC Quilts (At Risk Babies & Children’s Quilts) was founded in 1988 by Ellen Ahlgren, to give love and comfort to babies in the form of handmade quilts, and to use this process to promote awareness, community service and prevention education. Knitted and crocheted baby blankets for distribution are also acceptable.

Volunteers have delivered over half a million quilts since ABC Quilts was founded. American Mothers Inc® became involved with ABC Quilts in 1992, when its founder, Ellen Ahlgren was named the New Hampshire Mother of the year. Quilts are made and donated by people of all ages, and all skill levels. Completed quilts are distributed to local nonprofits, hospitals and agencies that deal with babies and children. If you would like more information about ABC Quilts, please contact us at