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Thanksgiving pumpkin with massage

10 Ways to Teach Gratitude this Thanksgiving

APRIL 10, 2023

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I think we as moms are always looking for practical ways to teach gratefulness to our children. How do I teach this concept to my children when some days I am struggling with the concept myself?

While trying to find the answer I did what every 21st century mother does, I googled it. My google search lead me to lots of articles and plenty of tips. The article that I liked the best was from PBS Parents called, 10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Kid By Homa Tavangar.

In the article the author outlines and explains ten ways to help instill an attitude of gratitude.

  • Say “Thank you.”
  • Live it.
  • Teach through role play.
  • Create daily or weekly routines.
  • Give concrete examples.
  • Set expectations when shopping.
  • Make giving and volunteering a habit.
  • Create gratitude gift lists.
  • Thank those who serve.
  • Be patient.

It’s important to remember that an attitude of gratitude doesn’t happen overnight but it happens over the course of a lifetime. Along the way remember to use your family, friends, fellow moms and sometimes even google to find resources, ideas, and tips.

I love the idea shared by “One Artsy Mama” to create a Thankful Pumpkin. All you need is a pumpkin, a sharpie and a grateful heart.

Thanksgiving pumpkin with massage

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