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18 AMI members participated in the UN 65th Commission on the Status of Women

APRIL 10, 2023

written by Kim Hoey Stevenson

The Taliban, domestic violence, human trafficking, women in politics, and disabilities were just a few of the topics discussed during the United Nations 65th Commission on the Status of Women that met online for two weeks in March. 

Front and center taking in information and sharing ideas were 18 members of American Mothers, Inc.

“It was amazing,” said Emily Brooks, co-chair of the committee to the commission for AMI. She and members of the group felt like they should have earned college credit they learned so much. “There’s been so much great information to take in from the panels.”

One of the big issues this year was, of course, the global pandemic. Everyone knows about the global lockdowns caused by COVID-19. Most don’t know about the shadow pandemic, the effects on women. Violence against women escalated as facilities to help with domestic violence were closed, women lost jobs at a much higher rate than men and it was women who mostly picked up the mantle of teacher and caregiver for children.

“There was great information about how the pandemic has affected disabled women accessing healthcare,” said Nicole Gross, who attended the commission for the first time this year. 

The commission usually meets in New York, but opted for online meetings this year in light of the pandemic. While it was disappointing to not have the usual camaraderie between the AMI group and women from around the world, having the commission meet online meant more people were able to attend.

Participants from AMI plan to discuss and coordinate lessons learned with an eye to present next year on the importance of mothers in changing the world. Women’s rights are human rights.

While the topics were many, and the learning was incredible, there was one lesson every participant from AMI took home with them – we are blessed to live in the United States. 

American Mothers involvement at the United Nations began under the leadership of the organization’s Honorary Chairman, Mamie Eisenhower. Today, American Mothers, Inc. is a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Our delegates annually attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women to raise awareness about issues impacting women and children worldwide.

The 18 delegates to this year’s United Nations Commission on the Status of Women will be hosting a panel discussion during the 86th National Convention of American Mothers on May 1. Join us for our first virtual convention by registering here.

Kim Hoey Stevenson freelance writer

Kim Hoey Stevenson is a freelance writer who has written for such media outlets as American Online, Money Talks News, Gannett, Delaware Today, PARADE Magazine and Delaware Beach Life. She traveled extensively both personally and professionally. Most notably, she was in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope to cover the change over from US to United Nations forces. A graduate of Wake Forest University, Kim used her degree in psychology to help co-author the book, “Overcoming Misfortune: Children Who Beat the Odds,” a book that explored the positive side of psychology. Kim was recognized as Delaware’s Young Mother of the Year in 2013.