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Headshot of Dra. Jean Rodríguez- Pazo of Puerto Rico

2001 Puerto Rico Mother of the Year® Makes History

APRIL 10, 2023
Headshot of Dra. Jean Rodríguez- Pazo of Puerto Rico

This guest article and photos were submitted by Dra. Jean Rodríguez- Pazo of Puerto Rico.

Jean Rodríguez- Pazo is a student of the Faculty of Law, member of the Organization for Women’s Rights at Pontifical Catholic University,  and President of Zonta from 2015-2018. Last year under her presidency, Puerto Rico and Zonta Club of  Ponce won the Governor’s Runner Up Cup for the first time in the history of Puerto Rico. This year, and despite multiple obstacles, she also won  the 100% Membership Retention Award  and membership increased by 70%. And of course, for the first time in its 50 years of history and the first time for Puerto Rico she won the Governor’s Cup at Sanibel, Florida.

Jean truly recognizes all she learned through Manelita Rodriguez Chapter, in Ponce as Mother of Ponce and Puerto Rico and also, President of the Chapter, Prayer Chain in Washington, DC and others. She is still an active member and Lifetime member as of this year.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve and for  the multisectoral alliances that she has been able to achieve, she indicates “the award is OURS.” She thanks her four children for their collaborations and grandchildren: Jeannie Vera, Ing. José A. Vera, Josué Vera, and Jannina Vera. She is a fervent Christian.

ILO: CoE, NGO-Congo, UN Operational Relations, Participatory State Membership

Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals empowering women throughout the world through service and advocacy. Its objectives are: to improve the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status; work for understanding, good will and peace; promote justice, universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; union at the international level to promote high ethical standards, implement service programs, and provide mutual support in communities, nations and the world. Every year an active campaign of “Zonta says NO to violence, human trafficking and early childhood  marriage” is carried with the distinctive orange color.

The organization achieves a greater impact at the international level by combining voices with related organizations and with the United Nations. In addition, we have a voice in the General Consultative State (International Labor Organization, Participatory State in Council of Europe, Member of The Conference of NGO-Congo, Operational Relations in the United Nations