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2002 National Mother of the Year

May 30, 2024

rosalie_gazianoRosalie Gaziano graduated Phi Beta Kappa from West Virginia University and is the mother of five successful sons—including one Rhode’s Scholar—and grandmother to nine.  Rosalie was selected as 2002 National Mother of the Year and during her tenure, found the stories she heard from mothers across the country as courageous and powerful. This inspired her to write a book capturing their stories: Mothers Speak…for Love of Family. She also wrote a cookbook concentrating on recipes that are healthy for the heart: Seasons & Celebrations, which was written with the input of her family and includes experts in cardiology and fitness at Harvard.

Rosalie also worked with the National Symphony and created a local music festival. She was a frequent speaker on inspirational topics to young families, who wish to grow together and stay together. Being an author, and especially because of her duties as 2002 National Mother of the Year, Rosalie achieved a high level of media experience in print, radio, and television. She has appeared nationally on CNN and MSNBC as well as on many regional broadcasts.