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A Prayer for our Mothers

May 30, 2024

Barbara Owens' prayer at 2018 Mother's ConventionEternal Creator of all mankind:

Today we gather not just as women, we gather as proud mothers, the blessed wombs of your creation.

Thank you for allowing us to be a mosaic of diverse generations, ethnicity, lifestyles, occupations, talents, and socioeconomic status.

It is all because of you that some of us are birth mothers, some are adoptive mothers, others are surrogate mothers.

Thank you, Father, that many women in this room are extended family members and even friends who have stood in the gap in a mothering role in a time of need.

Yey oh God, one common thread binds us together; and that is, as mothers we have the same hopes and dreams for the overall wellbeing our children.

We collectively want them to be morally strong contributing members of society.

We are so grateful for the strength and endurance that withholds us as we carry out this most sacred responsibility.

Father, I pray a special blessing on all mothers in whatever shape they come in, knowing that being a mother is a tremendous responsibility.

I pray clarity as they seek guidance and wisdom.

I pray that their spirits will be renewed and refreshed and that they will model a godly lifestyle for their children to pass on to their children.

Let their homes be habitats of love, peace, and harmony where children are encouraged, wisdom

Is dispensed, and love is extolled.

Finally, Creator, thank you for reminding us in your word that you will never leave nor forsake us.

If anything is excellent, if anything is praiseworthy, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, I pray that we mothers under the sound of my voice will dwell on these things.

(This prayer was given by Barbara Owens, the 2017 DC Mother of the Year (pictured above) at the Literary Luncheon during the 2018 American Mother’s 83rd Annual Convention in Washington DC.)