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Headshot of Marty Norman the Texas Mother of the Year 2019

After Decades of Being a Mother, Why I Would Do It All Over Again

May 30, 2024

Headshot of Marty Norman the Texas Mother of the Year 2019
Marty Norman is the 2019 Texas Mother of the Year®

I loved being a mom.  But now I’m a grandmother – and I tell you the truth – it’s the best!! You won’t believe it!

Lest you think this is not a message of hope for mothers – it is.

For as a Grandmother, I stand before you and state truth: With all the years … wrinkles… and pain…All one goes through in 74 years as a wife, mother and grandmother, I would do it all again.

And here are some of the reasons:

  • As a grandmother, I’ve never been more comfortable in my skin – not physically – flabby arms I could do without – but emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I am at peace. I credit God for that.
  • As a mom, amazing people have been put in my life. I look at my family – and WOW – I can’t get over it. Out of this body came all these beautiful people – unique, yet different – each with special gifts – some with difficult challenges.
  • My grandson Strother at 5 was in a car accident, paralyzed from the chest down. In an instant, our whole world changed forever. Yet, our God is a miracle working God. This child is beyond amazing. He snow-skis, fly fishes, deer hunts, and plays wheelchair basketball. His goal is to scuba dive this summer and play basketball in the Paralympics.
  • Over the years I’ve been given amazing friends. There’s nothing we haven’t experienced – good and bad. When the winds blow and the storms come, we stand strong and wrap one another in a blanket of love.
  • In truth we all experience suffering. It’s what we do with that suffering that makes the difference. It’s important to not let the pain define us, for we all carry pain. What one sees on the outside is not necessarily what’s going on inside. As Moms, we have the unique opportunity to see the heart, to stand with others in their pain. In time, the grace of God transforms that pain into something bigger, that helps others, that makes a difference.

  • I tell you the truth: Nothing really matters except faith, hope, and love – Love truly is the answer.
  • And last – what I write about in my books and newsletter: leaving a legacy of faith to our children and grandchildren. As we enter the fall and winter of our lives, it’s beyond important to share our stories, using whatever gift we’ve been given. We have an empty canvas. It’s never too late to start to paint a picture of faith, hope and love -To give of ourselves in new ways.  

For me – it’s all about aging well – ending well; experiencing and living life to the fullest, loving and laughing, giving and serving. It’s all about experiencing the full array of life’s options –as we celebrate and share the love and lessons of life and motherhood.

I’ll end with a poem that pretty much says it all, written in a time of deep prayer and reflection:

SOMETIMES by Marty Norman @ 2018

Sometimes you have to experience … 

Cold to appreciate Warmth

Trials to appreciate Blessings

God’s absence to appreciate His Presence

Temptation to appreciate Good Choices

Moral failure to appreciate Forgiveness

Pain to appreciate Compassion

Hate to appreciate Love

Dark to appreciate Light

Aloneness to appreciate Community

Death to appreciate Life

Sadness to appreciate Joy

Harshness to appreciate Gentleness

Gluttony to appreciate Self-control

Meanness to appreciate Kindness

Fear to appreciate Courage

Timidity to appreciate Boldness/Bravery

Crying to appreciate Laughter

Lostness to appreciate Faith

Despair to appreciate Hope

Evil to appreciate Good

Chaos to appreciate Order

Ugliness to appreciate Beauty

Destruction to appreciate Creation

Lies to appreciate Truth

Chaos to appreciate Peace         

 It’s all about the gap between sometimes … and appreciate. That’s where life dwells.

Marty Norman, M.Ed., mother of two and grandmother of five is an author, licensed therapist, workshop trainer and inspirational speaker. She has published three non-fiction books, five children’s books, magazine articles and has spoken to women’s groups. Marty received her B.A. from UT Austin, M.Ed from TWU, and LPC from the State of Texas. She’s worked as a therapist and volunteer for family services and facilitated marketing plans for non-profits. Her specialties include women’s issues, addiction, sexual abuse, grief issues, and play therapy. Her passion is to impact a community by initiating new programs such as the FWISD’s Project Charlie. Marty’s hobbies include hiking, reading, writing, painting, mahjong, and canasta. She loves nothing better than watching a sunset, reading by the fire or hiking in the silence of the mountains with her grandchildren.