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Dear Mom,

APRIL 10, 2023

So, how is that self quarantine experiment going? If you are like me, you are feeling extra close to your family members right now. I am quickly reminded that it is times like these which shed serious light on the important role moms play in times of crisis and uncertainty. Lets face it, Moms get stuff done! 

Many of you are now working from home, struggling to remember Algebra as you homeschool your kids, or self isolating from family because your age bracket puts you in a more vulnerable category. Reading reports from across the country on how we are dealing with this pandemic and new normal (at least for now) brings to light the important role of mothers everywhere. 

Our organization’s founder, Sara Delano Roosevelt, recognized the significant role mothers played during the Great Depression to help meet the needs of a struggling society.  In 1935, she gathered New York City’s influential members of society to announce Lucy Keen Johnson of Georgia, a single mother and Dean of Women at Wesleyan College as the first American Mother of the Year®. The American Mothers Committee felt her story of strength and resilience was an inspiration to the nation during a challenging and uncertain time. You can read more about Lucy HERE.

Since 1935, American Mothers has annually named a National Mother of the Year®. These mothers represent the best of America and their stories are nothing short of inspirational. Over the years, these women have formed a multi-generational network comprised of remarkable, strong and innovative mothers who inspire their family, friends and community on a daily basis.

Bertha Holt, 1966 National Mother of the Year, with President Johnson at the White House.
Bertha Holt, 1966 National Mother of the Year, with President Johnson at the White House.

There is such strength found in this organization’s tradition of recognizing outstanding women who are passionate about making the world a better place for children and families. Each day I am amazed by the true selflessness of the women involved in American Mothers, Inc. YOU embody all the admirable qualities for which the first Mother of the Year was named. It is an honor and privilege to serve in an organization that celebrates the invaluable contributions mothers are making for the benefit of the next generation.

So, today, as we find ourselves facing similar challenges and uncertainties, our mission, to recognize the important role of motherhood has never been more important. Do you know a mom who is rocking the quarantine, serving her neighbors in this time of need, or has an inspirational story to tell? Please send us her story or share it on our community Facebook page!  I hope in the midst of our self quarantine and social distancing that these stories will inspire you to make a difference at home or in your community. 

As we go forth to face challenges, embrace change in everyday life, and build hope for our future, don’t forget to keep calm, carry on and call your mom! 

Connell Branan – National President


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