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Getting Your Child Ready for School

May 30, 2024

The lazy days of summer are starting to count down. School sales are on everywhere and it’s only a matter of time before the alarm rings and the buses run.

Getting kids ready for school physically is one thing, but it doesn’t hurt to get their brains back on board as well. Here are some 5 easy ways to jump start the process.

Math – Give your student a budget for school supplies and have them search out the best deals to get all their supplies. As extra incentive, let them keep any money they don’t spend. (This is also a good place to talk about getting what you pay for, not every bargain is worth it.) You might be surprised how math minded your child can become.

Literature – Pick a movie that is based on a book and then read the book with your child before going to see it, or renting it to watch together. Not only does it get your child reading, but it allows him or her to say in the best possible knowing way, “Oh, the book was so much better than the movie.”

History/Architecture/Art – No time to take a big trip, but you could do a virtual one. Tour the White House, the Smithsonian, even the Louvre online. Whether you wear berets and eat baguettes while you do it is up to you.

Culture/Home Economics – Ok, so they don’t teach Home Ec in school any more, doesn’t mean your kids can’t learn to cook. Expensive but really easy are the meal in a box companies that send you everything including photo guided directions on how to cook dinner. On a budget, try Youtubing some cooking videos or, download the “Great British Chefs” app available in the app store for free. It delivers 105  easy-to-follow recipes, which have been specially conceived to be cooked with children. It also gives information about the chef and his/her restaurant.

Calm – Ok, so they are starting to panic about that impending time when they have to wear shoes and sit in a chair again. Don’t worry, be zen. Mindfulness apps, such as Mind Yeti, or even, Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame (yes, Sesame Street) are free apps that can help bring calm to the lives of children and their adults.