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Two brothers 525 Foundation

Golden Rule Grant: 525 Foundation

APRIL 10, 2023

2018 National Mother of the Year®, Karen Smoots, was awarded a Golden Rule Grant to gift a non-profit organization of her choice. When she announced that she would be donating to the 525 Foundation, a non-profit organization developed to educate teens and families and raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol and prescription drug misuse and abuse, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Karen speech at 525 Foundation

In Karen’s words:

My funds were used as a donation to the 525 foundation on behalf of my cousin Becky Savage in memory of her two boys Nick and Jack Savage. The funds were used to help Becky share information and educate students on the risks and fatal outcomes of experimental opioid use. Becky is helping to prevent the deaths of more children by making decisions not to experiment with alcohol and prescription drugs.

The 525 Foundation is one of the eight non-profit organizations that received a Golden Rule Grant this year. Learn more about the 525 Foundation on their website, You can also support more organizations like the 525 Foundation by making a charitable contribution to the Golden Rule Grant Fund below.


Two brothers 525 Foundation
Photo: 525 Foundation


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