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Golden Rule Grant Recipients Announced

Golden Rule Grant Recipients Announced

APRIL 10, 2023

The Golden Rule Movement committee of American Mothers, announced the 2022 Golden Rule Grant recipients:

Safe Passage provides a program that gives abused children a voice and enables the healing process by acting as a single source of contact for medical, investigative, and legal services. This grant was given in honor of Doris Donley, the 2022 National Mother of the Year®.

Heart to Heart International works every day to improve access to health throughout the United States and the world. Through HIH’s work, people in need receive medications, direct medical care, hygiene supplies and medical supplies. This grant was given in honor of Aaya Dadmarz, 2022 5th Grade Essay Contest Winner.

The mission of Lifetime Healing Foundation is to foster innovative programming that supports mental health initiatives for women who have experience trauma through adoption, trafficking, sexual abuse, or any other form of exploitation. This grant was awarded in the category of Foster & Adoptive Mom in honor of Shana Smith, 2022 Tennessee Mother of the Year®.

The vision of Military Hearts Matter is “Together we will help educate, support, and create programs for the military heart community. They believe in supporting the Hearts That Serve. This grant was awarded in the category of Military Mom in honor of Holly Vega, 2022 South Carolina Mother of the Year®.

The Fundacion Stefano Steenbakkers Betancourt Foundation was created to honor the memory of this young man who was murdered in June 2012 in Durado, Puerto Rico. The vision is to provide Wings of Life, giving support in loss management and prevention of violence. This grant was awarded in the category of Family Support in honor of Zorimar Betancourt, 2022 Puerto Rico Mother of the Year®.

Minnesota One-Stop for Communities is an organization the lends support to parents and families. They have firsthand experience with the Child Protective System and help parents have a better experience, a positive outcome, and someone to trust and rely on during the process. This grant was awarded in the category of Impact in honor of October Allen, 2022 Minnesota Mother of the Year®.

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