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Hawaii Mother of the Year Encourages Moms to Keep Moving, Stay Healthy

APRIL 10, 2023

Hawaii Mother of the Year with her Kids

Everyone is going to figure out their reason WHY at some point. I really have to recognize my friends and family for showing me the importance of health and fitness. I was so intrigued by every who was dedicated to their health goals; whether it was something a friend ordered at lunch or another one asking me to take a walk with them. It just stirred up a fire in my heart that gave me the desire to pursue a life that seemed so challenging, but in all actuality, it was simple to incorporate.. even if I had a bunch of kids. I wasn’t going to use them as an excuse rather as my reason why I would focus on this lifestyle.

Hawaii Mother of the Year with her Kids

I found a way to make fitness simple- by bringing it to me. I bought some weights bands and a mat subscribed to an online fitness gym. I allowed 30-minute slot per day to press play on a range of different programs depending on my mood that day. If I wanted strength or cardio it was all there. Sometimes my kids would be awake and they would join me. Either way, they knew it was time for me; time for me to focus on myself something so many moms neglect these days.

After doing this for so long I have been able to maintain a happy and healthy weight for almost 10 years and throughout all 4 of my pregnancies. I am now the person that motivates and encourages people with their health and fitness goals!

Alyssa Miceli Hawaii Mother of the Year with her Kids

I love this life so much that I started to health coach while I stay home with the kids. I lead online accountability groups with like-minded people who want to live a happy and healthy life but need that extra support that comes with the challenge! I find it as a win-win situation because people are always looking at me as a way of hope. They see that I live through the temptations that we encounter daily. I swear I don’t go to fast food because I don’t want others to see their role model there!! However, I am real and admit when I do slip up. Overall I am leading and encouraging others to focus on what matters the most. And that is you! You and your health!

I encourage mothers to  RISE!

Focus on your R- Relationships I-Incorporating H-Health and E-Exercise.

Alyssa Miceli Hawaii Mother of the Year with her Kids

On my best days it’s when I simply take a walk with a friend and we chat about how we are doing– the real growing pains type of talk that we need daily, to be honest with ourselves. It is there where I find the “real Alyssa” that most of the time I am desperately looking for but its right in front of me. One step at a time I’m noticing the healthy person that I have become. It’s beyond comprehension because the daily struggle will always be there but you are never alone and your temple is what you make of it!


Face every day as if it is your last day and be thankful for the body that you have… because its the only one that you have to live in!

These are some of my go-to exercise moves to do around the house! All of these moves can be done with or with weights. Watch your form and enjoy!

Hawaii Mother of the Year doing Bowlers

Bowlers -I usually do 10 sets of pulse taps on each side

Start on left leg, place right leg behind left leg

Lower down for 3 pluses

(Put weight on left foot for stability)

Hawaii Mother of the Year doing exercise image 1

Take right leg off to the right side of body and tap on the floor

Continue 10 sets

Switch legs  (with weights have arms by shoulders during move)

Hawaii Mother of the Year doing exercise image 2

Bridges – I do 5, 30-second sets with 15-second breaks in between

Lay on back bend knees up place heals close to butt

Make sure back is flat on mat, tummy tucked in, place palms alongside butt, pressing into ground

Hawaii Mother of the Year doing exercise image 3

Lift hips up towards ceiling

Squeeze butt at the top

*enhance move have one leg out foot flexed and other heal on ground, switch legs on next set/ alternate (with weights place heavy weight on pelvic bone)

Hawaii Mother of the Year doing exercise image 4

Weighted Triceps– do 20 reps per side 2 times

Get in lunge, place left leg bent in front while right leg is straight in back

Have weight in right hand, left arm is out

Dangle weight down by the knee

Pull weight up

Extend arm back

Hawaii Mother of the Year doing exercise image 5

Bring weight towards front


Hawaii Mother of the Year doing exercise image 6

If you are looking to pursue your health goals.. please don’t hesitate to reach out! That is the first step. I can be reached at or follow me on facebook & instagram HTCwifey or check out my website at

Alyssa Miceli 2017 MOY HIAlyssa Miceli is the 2017 Hawaii Mother of the Year. Alyssa is a 29-year-old mother of three who has not figured it all out, but she is faithful and devoted daily to try and accomplish just about anything life has to offer. Alyssa’s heart has been graciously loaded with experiences for which she is forever thankful. She met the love of her life through a family move in high school and together, Alyssa and her husband have moved all over the country. Alyssa enjoys being a MOPs leader at her church and as a Military spouse, she is involved with many organizations. One of the organizations Alyssa and her husband are actively involved with is the FRG (Family Readiness Group). This group is for families of deployed service members and has been such a blessing to her family, helping them learn how to cope with a husband and father being gone for long amounts of time. Alyssa’s world usually revolves around sending care packages to her deployed husband while raising their 3 (and a half) blessings.