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Golden Rule Grant: Community Kindness Movement

May 30, 2024

The Community Kindness Movement,  recipient of an American Mothers Golden Rule Grant,  has developed a Kindness Begins with Me Annual Program to increase awareness in schools and throughout the community; that Kindness is the POWERFUL answer to Bullying Prevention. The program was created to help diminish the sobering statistics of Bullying that happens in our schools, online, and in our communities. Becky Rowan, President of the Idaho Association of American Mothers, was honored to present the Golden Rule Grant to Melissa Nelson for her program and attended the assembly and celebration day at one of the participating schools.
The Community Kindness Movement is one of the eight non-profit organizations that received a Golden Rule Grant this year. Learn more about Community Kindness Movement on their website, You can also support more organizations like Community Kindness Movement by making a charitable contribution to the Golden Rule Grant Fund below.