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Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest

May 30, 2024

Maine MOYKeeping the faith and never giving up can be a very difficult thing to do.

About 40 years ago I became very ill. It was an all of a sudden thing, without warning. I was in the hospital from August to December and I left 2 small boys at home with their Dad. No one knew what was wrong even though many tests were performed and no definite answer yet. Finally, I got to go home.

Shortly after, I found out that I was expecting our third son. Things seemed to improve after a while. Healthy 11lb baby boy born in October. The following months were going well. In July of the following year my Father passed and in Sept I had a relapse.

Again back to the hospital for a few weeks.

Once I was released again, my wonderful husband had decided to change doctors. He found an Endocrinologist and made an appointment for me. After examination, he discovered that I had a hormone imbalance. He put me on medication and after a few months, voila, I started to become my old self again. Each week and each Doctor’s appointment showed excellent results. I have to mention that we also had a baby girl nine years later.

Here I am, fully recovered. You’re probably wondering how this ties in with keeping the faith.

My husband and family never gave up hope for my recovery. They along with many friends prayed and believed for me. Their faith kept me alive. Even my oldest son who was 6 a the time told Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was for Mommy to come home. Now that’s faith.

I was told that I had had the sacraments of the sick at one or two points. I will never give up my faith and beliefs because I know that with God and Prayer, I can accomplish anything.

Giving up is failing, believing and having faith is winning. I wish for everyone here to believe in themselves and to never give up hope for the future. This world is full of promises and wonderful things. Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!!!

Kitty White is the 2017 Maine Mother of the Year.